Employee Drug Testing

Drug Testing Locally and Nationally

OHS Inc. has managed employee drug testing for companies nationwide since 1991. Our clients include companies with only one employee to more than 30,000. We'd love to serve you too!

Workers' Compensation

Reducing Workers' Comp Claims!

Our proprietary pre-placement physical evaluation determines whether your job candidates are physical fit to do the job SAFELY- without injury. Dramatically reduces Workers' Compensation claims!

Supervisor Training

For Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Workplace Drug-Abuse Awareness Training. Required of all supervisors of any USDOT-regulated personnel. OHS recommends it for ALL supervisors though because this training helps protect your company legally!

Respirator Exam

OSHA Compliant- Online or by Phone!

OSHA standard 1910.134 requires a medical questionnaire be completed by any employee whose duties involve even just an occasional use of a respirator. Exam needed to certify can be taken online or by telephone 24/7.

About OHS Inc.

Nationwide, OHS Inc. serves more than 1,700 small and large companies. Yet, each of them is "#1" with us.

Our Mission Statement since inception, in 1991 continues to be: "OHS Inc. will endeavor to earn our clients' loyalty year-after-year by providing each of them with exceptional service day-after-day." OHS Inc. is a family-owned California S-corporation headquartered in Southern California's beautiful Orange County. Thanks to our outstanding operations and IT staff, we now provide exceptional service to companies throughout all 50 states of our good old U.S.A. and even some parts of Canada.

OHS and Youth at Risk

OHS Inc. cares about our community, and keeping local families drug-free. So, we help families where it counts most!

OHS Inc. provides random drug testing services at our cost, to any parent who brings their child to our Costa Mesa offices for drug testing. As parents (and grandparents) ourselves, we want the best for our children. We've learned that drug testing children randomly strongly enables them to resist today's tougher-than-ever peer pressure (i.e., "I can't! My parents drug test me!"). Random drug testing helps protect them from losing focus in school, and helps keep them on a drug-free, brain-healthy path to responsible adulthood.